Buy a cargobike

If you're in East London and you want a cargobike, you've come to the right place!

Or indeed, we can sell to anywhere in London (delivery options are available), and potentially elsewhere.

What's the Carryme Bikes offer?
We often have our demo bikes for sale at a discount, because they have been used for hires and for demos with customers. Check out what's available below. We also buy in new stock and sell at normal prices, which takes about 3 weeks. Sometimes we will have a new cargobike in stock that you can purchase straight away. If it's the right colour for you, of course! ;)

We give a 5% discount on purchases for members of the LCC and Cycling UK - this is applied after any existing discount, unless otherwise specified. This doesn't apply to hires, but we offer £5 off hires if you are a member of Cyclefox. However, if you hire a bike from us then buy it, we'll take the hire cost off the purchase price - see the Hire page for details.

We sell Azor Bakfiets and Nihola brands of cargobike. We also sell CarryFreedom trailers (for carrying cargo only, not people).

What's for sale now?
Right now we have the following in stock:

SHORT 2-WHEELER Azor Bakfiets - £1,496 - 'Classic' style in red, 8 gear Premium gearbox. Has been used as a hire bike and demo bike; a few small scratches on inside of the box; some holes already drilled in the box for our baby-carrying accessories (so you won't need to pay for this as an extra). Otherwise in excellent condition. Normal price: £1,760. Sale price of £1,496 is a 15% discount (£264 off) - no further discount applies. Raintent for the box comes in black or red, both in stock now with 'used' prices, while stocks last. Normal price: £180. 10% discount on either of them = £162 (no further discount applies).

LONG 2-WHEELER Azor Bakfets - £1,584 - 'Classic' style in lovely matt blue, 7 gears. Has been used for a smaller number of hires; very new box; some holes already drilled in the box for our baby-carrying accessories (so you won't need to pay for this as an extra). Excellent condition. Normal price: £1,760. Sale price of £1,584 is a 10% discount (£176 off) and if you are an LCC or Cycling UK member you can apply a further 5% discount. Raintent (for the box) can come new in a variety of colours; the ones we have in stock right now are: cool silver, normal price £190, £10% off while stocks last = £171; or bright green, BARGAIN at £50 (normally £190) - no further discount applies to either.










LONG **Electric Assist** Azor Bakfiets 2 WHEELER - £3,442.50 - This is now SOLD!

Why choose CarryMe Bikes?

  • We provide a friendly, individually-tailored service in easily-cyclable east London.
  • We specialise completely in cargobikes, family cycling and cargo cycling.
  • Your first tune-up service (within 8 weeks) is free. Thereafter, services start at £45 for our purchase customers (£50 for other customers).
  • You're choosing the ethical option, because 5% of our sales go back into the community in the form of projects, events, and free hires for local fundraisers, etc.
  • A big advantage is being able to hire a cargobike (or trailer) before you buy, so that you can fully make up your mind.