Family Cycling Package

Together with Hackney Family Cycling we've gained a three-year small grant from Cycling Grants London to run three very exciting projects helping families with small children with their cycling. The aim is to build confidence, knowledge and skills to be able to cycle as a family, both for fun, and ultimately for transport.

Family Cycling Library    

Family Bike Rides    Next one: October Hallowe'en themed ride! Date TBC

Tots & Parents Cargobike Sessions 

Whilst we have been working together on the Family Bike Rides in previous years on a voluntary basis, and the Family Cycling Library was already set up by Ruth-Anna Macqueen in 2016 with some donated items, extra funding from Cycling Grants London is allowing us to ramp up our activities and buy extra kit. It also allows us to set up the Tots & Parents Cargobike Sessions.

Thanks to TfL who fund the grant and Groundwork London who administer it!


Update: as of July 2017, the project has been a great success! We've attracted lots of diverse families to all our activities, had some great feedback, and captured many happy faces on bikes! All projects have hiccups, and we are learning as we go along; but it's been brilliant so far, and we hope to see you at one of our sessions soon.