What are cargo bikes?

Cargo bikes are bicycles specially built to carry goods, people’s stuff, children, adults, or a combination of all of these. Even dogs... or cats.

CarryMe Bikes founder Alix was asked by Cycling UK to write their Guide To Cargobikes - check it out for a comprehensive lowdown of what they are, the types available, and what each are best for.

They’ve come a long way since the traditional ‘butchers boys’ bikes which basically had a tray with a box in front of the handlebars.

Nowadays cargo bikes can replace cars for many local journeys, and can have two or three wheels - or even four. They can be purely pedal-powered, or can have electric motors to assist your knees up hills or for longer distances.

Carry Me Bikes specialises in the Dutch Bakfiets, because the Dutch really know their stuff. With the highest cycling levels in Europe they know how to get things around by bike. They are high quality bikes and trikes which will last a lifetime. The 'box' part of the bike is at the front, behind the front wheel (as with the 2-wheeled versions) or between the two front wheels (as with the trikes). Their weight is carried low, which means the 'centre of gravity' is low and the handling is easy.

However, we do stock other types and brands of cargobikes, not just Bakfiets. Get in touch to find out more, or browse our cargobikes for sale section.