Hire a cargobike

Now we have SIX different brands of cargobike to offer you, and 8 different vehicles in the hire fleet (soon to be 9!). They are all for hire or for sale. We're bound to have the right one for you. You can try before you buy, and hire costs will be taken off your purchase price (usually up to a limit of £150).  

Urban Arrow - Bakfiets.nl - Bertus - Tern - Nihola - Sanitov - See photos below....

Opening times:

***Our Spring and Summer Saturday hours are 10am-6pm. Last hire return at 5:45pm please!***

During the week we're open 8:30am-6pm (except on Mondays when we're closed except for hire returns only, and closed all day Wednesdays.)


If you’re looking to hire a cargobike to carry out a task, have fun with the kids for a weekend, or just try out a cargobike properly before deciding to buy one, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to hire for an event such as a wedding or kids' party, or to film/photograph using the vehicle, please read our Events Service page (coming soon - email or call us). Please talk to us about your event and we'll offer you a bespoke service and bespoke price. These types of uses have a very different nature to our everyday hires and we need to discuss the details. Thank you!

Please read all the info here and then phone us to discuss what you need: 07725 466842 alix@carryme.org.uk

type of vehicle / hire length return same day 1 or 2 nights  up to 7 nights
Trike £30   +£15 for e-assist £50 £100
2-wheeled cargo bikes (Long and Short) £25   +£15 for e-assist £40 £80
Carry Freedom flatbed trailer (cargo only, not people!) £20 £25 £35

For all hires we also ask for £80 deposit, which is refunded when everything is satisfactorily returned. Read more about our deposit system (coming soon - see below for the time being). We may sometimes need to ask for a different deposit.

You would need to make an appointment slot both for pick-up and returning. Normally you'll be picking it up and dropping it back yourself. In rare cases we can do that for you, but we would need to charge an extra fee for that, dependent on circumstances.

Current opening hours are:

Monday closed EXCEPT for hire returns/pick-ups by appointment only
Tuesday 8:30am – 6pm
Wednesday closed

8:30am - 6pm

Friday 8:30am – 6pm
Saturday   10am - 6pm 
Sunday closed

We currently have EIGHT different cargobikes for hire:

Two-wheeled boxbikes/bakfiets: 1. Bertus (like a Long Bakfiets.nl and made by the same manufacturer - Azor - but at a lower purchase price point),  2. Urban Arrow XL with flightcase;  3. Urban Arrow Shorty with two options for carrying items (ask us!);

3-wheeled Trikes: 4. Bakfiets.nl Trike 'standard',   5. Nihola 'family',   6. Nihola 4.0;   7Sanitov MovE (with electric assist)

'Longtail' cargobike: 8. Tern CargoNode (this also folds!)

Bakfiets Short 2-wheeler

1. Bakfiets Short 2-wheeler ABOVE - please note that this is a generic photo. The bike you hire has an optional raintent like the others. We will be getting a Short back into our Hire fleet soon, but we don't have one at present.

2. Bertus long 2-wheeler: check out this great Tweet showing it with 4 kids in it!

Bakfiets Trike

3. Bakfiets Trike - 'standard' size ABOVE. Please note that this is a generic photo. Comes with flat box cover or children's tent.

4. Nihola 'family' model - check out this Instagram post of the Nihola in the snow 

5. Sanitov MovE - check out this Instagram post of the Sanitov electric assist trike in action.

6. Tern CargoNode - check out this review our Director Alix Stredwick wrote for Cycling UK (which spurred us to start stocking it!)

They all come with locks, covers for the bakfiets/trike boxes, and covers for the whole bikes. You can also borrow baby-carrying equipment for free as part of the hire. You may need to provide your own lights depending on the model – please discuss with us first.
Please note, electric assist options are only available for return-same-day hire, unless you are intending to buy that vehicle from us, in which case please disucss first for a longer e-assist hire. You can also arrange to try out our electric assist options in the streets and parks around our premises.

If you go on to buy any cargo bike from us within 6 months, we will take your hire costs off the purchase price, so that your hire(s) will effectively be free of charge (usually up to a value of £150).
The bikes are insured against theft and malicious damage and third party liability for the ‘driver’.

Business use:
For use by your business you'd need to email us a copy of your public liability business insurance (just a photo of the front page would do). Or you will need to sign a disclaimer saying you will only use it for personal use, not business - and you must only use it for personal use.

We have a flatbed CarryFreedom trailer for hire, the Small, for carrying cargo only. Please note: it must not be attached to the back wheel hub of the Bakfiets cargobikes! You attach it to your own bike, at the rear wheel hub using the attachment that comes with the trailer.

Our location:
We are based on Powerscroft Road, E5; full address details are given once an appointment is made.

To make a booking:
Check out the details about each bike and phone us to discuss your requirements 07725 466842 and to book alix@carryme.org.uk. You will usually need to transfer the hire fee in order to secure your appointment (so that we avoid cancellations and no-shows) – we will send you details about this. On the day of hire bring cash per bike/trailer for the refundable deposit.

Ts & Cs

  • You must tell us what you'll be using the vehicle for when enquiring about hire. 'Normal' use is for families with their own kids (or related/close friends); moving items that won't make an awful mess inside the cargobike; or try-before-you-buy. Outside those, we have a bespoke Events Service for events such as weddings and for filming.
  • We don't normally advise carrying adults inside the cargobike unless they are sitting on the floor of the box (e.g. on a cushion!), not on the flip-up seats, which are designed for children. We can advise for your Event / filming work. 
  • Whoever is going to be driving the bike/trike must come to the safety briefing when picking it up.
  • Normally, we don't expect the vehicle to be passed around a bunch of different drivers, much like with a hire car.
  • If CarryMe Bikes has to cancel the hire before your pick-up for any reason that’s not your fault then we’ll refund the whole of your monies. (We’ll ask for your account details for a transfer.)
  • If you have to cancel your hire less than 24 hours before before pick-up then we will have to keep £20 of your hire fee. If we are able to rent it out to someone else during your hire timeframe then we will refund you, less a £10 admin fee.
  • You will need to bring £80 cash as a deposit when you pick-up your hire item.
  • You must read and sign the Rental Agreement during your pick-up appointment, agreeing to the terms of use such as security, locking, not adjusting the handlebars, etc.  
  • You must bring the hire item back in a clean and fully functioning condition and including all the accessories, on the date and time agreed in advance. Please don't drill holes in the box (yes, this has happened!) or otherwise meddle with the cargobike. Otherwise, we may have to keep some or all of your deposit.
  • These Ts&Cs are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to add more!
  • Despite all of the above.....you must have fun!