Family bike rides start in Hackney, 5th July 2011

We’ve now run our first ride as one of two preliminary rides to the funded CCFL rides. (Preliminaries..? It’s starting to sound a bit like the Tour de France, isn’t it? But it isn’t anything like that, don’t worry.) Gentle, easy rides in parks, on cycle tracks and very quiet roads, all aimed at families and anyone wanting to try out riding a cargo bike are running weekly all summer.

Alan and Jenny turned up outside St John at Hackney Church to meet for the ride just after it had started raining quite heavily. So instead of going on a ride we talked about the cargo bike on show – the excellent Yuba Mundo longtail – and what kind of things it’s useful for. There’s not much fun in getting really soaked (and rather cold actually) so in future if the weather turns like this we will cancel the ride and go straight to a café!