Monday 23 March Covid19 update

Along with everyone else we are rapidly changing what we do and how we do it.

Some of our staff must now 'shield' (effetively self-isolate) for 12 weeks due to underlying health conditions. So they are not involved in any face-to-face work any more and are staying at home.

We are all following the vitally important guidelines regarding socially distancing (2m away from people) and strict hand hygeine, and we expect our customers to adhere to this too.

Some specific things to note:

  1. So we have been only letting our cargobikes go out on hire for one week or more, to reduce the number of interactions. No same-day-returns, no 3-4 night hires. If full lockdown occurs we will of course let people keep their hire bike until the situation changes. 
  2. The deposit is now £200 and it should be paid by bank transfer (we give you the details) not cash. Also the hire fee should be paid via a separate bank transfer to the same account. 
  3. We have been letting our cargobikes go out on loan or lower-cost hire for community deliveries to vulnerable people. It's important to do our bit and it's been brilliant to see how many people are prepared to help others. Some of our staff and customers are heroically offering their time for free to help with food deliveries. We salute you!
  4. Do not bring your children to the hire pick-up or drop-back, if at all possible. Thank you for your understanding!
  5. Please wipe down the hire bike thoroughly with soapy water before returning it. Be careful of any electric assist items such as display units (don't soak them) and wipe them dry.
  6. Our community projects are being re-planned to take place online where at all possible. We will probably be creating videos and doing Skype-style appointments with families. Watch this space!
  7. We are likely to suffer badly in the coming months, like many small businesses across the country (and indeed Europe and the world). If you were thinking of buying a cargobike and you are relatively secure in your income for now, then we would urge you to place an order, or snap up one of our existing fleet cargobikes. Goods are still moving across borders. We still have local mechanics who can undertake work safety-checking the bikes before you receive them. We will probably be able to hang on to the vehicle until you can safely pick it up, according to government advice on essential travel. We are not normally pushy in our sales but now is the time to continue to support small businesses, especially ones in the community who can still help others get active and get sustainable. We can get through this!

Thank you to the funders of our community projects who have been in touch about being flexible with how their grant is spent. This is so incredibly helpful at this very difficiult time. We won't be able to deliver everything all at once after this madness is (hopefully) over later in the year. We have to be able to deliver some kind of service now, so watch this space!

Stay safe everyone. Take this seriously!

The CarryMe Bikes team x