Summer opening hours PLUS a trial of a small change

Over the school summer holidays we're slightly changing our Saturday opening hours:


From Saturday 27 July to Saturday 1 September inclusive

Saturdays 10am - 2pm (with slots for returning hired cargobikes available between 9-10am)

As a result it means that we won't be offering same-day-return hires on Saturdays. But you can still hire a cargobike for up to 3 nights and bring it back on the Tuesday, or up to one week by returning the following Saturday. Also that if you're returning a cargobike from a hire earlier in the week, it'll need to be before 2pm on a Saturday - preferably 9-10am, please.


Why are we making this temporary change?

We're in a busy period, so on Saturdays we need to focus on people who wish to hire for longer than one day. It's the only way to make economic sense. And we need to focus our resources on Saturdays' busiest periods, which is the morning and early afternoon.  You can still hire and return on the same day for £35 on another day of the week when we're open. 

It's a temporary change, but also a chance for us to trial a different opening pattern for Saturdays. We might revert back to normal opening hours in mid-September (we will be closed during 5-9 Sept inclusive, please watch this space). Or we might decide to stick with it this way! Let us know what you think.


We're also going to trial over the summer a slightly different way of organising our appointments, on any day of the week:

  • If you'd like to try out more than one cargobike, you'll need to secure your appointment by transferring a fee of £20 (preferably in advance).
  • This can be put towards a hire fee after you've tried them out. You can pick up the vehicle on another day if you wish.
  • Remember that we won't be offering same-day-return hires (for £35) on Saturdays.
  • And remember that, in turn, your hire fees can come off the purchase price if you buy a cargobike from us within 6 months. So your try-out and your hire would end up being free.

So an example could be that you book an appointment for £20, try out 3 different cargobikes, then take one away for up to 3 nights for a balancing payment of £40 to top up to the £60 hire fee. 


We'd also like to take this opportunity to note that:

  • For this new £20 fee you'll be getting our full attention, expert advice, a full safety briefing and help trying out each cargobike. This is in addition to being potentially part-payment towards a hire.
  • Please expect your appointment to be about an hour for trying two cargobikes and 90 minutes for three. 
  • It's unlikely that your appointment will last longer than 90 minutes. Partly this is due to current levels of demand, and partly because small children (and parents) rarely last this long at try-outs!
  • If it's just one cargobike you'd like to try (free), your appointment will be for 30 minutes. 
  • The appointment fee does not guarantee the models that would be available to you to try. Others may already book out a model for hire in advance, making it unavailable. But we will do our best to show you the models you'd like to see and that we think might suit you best according to your circumstances. And if there is one in particular that you desperately wish to try, please book it for hire so that you have the best chance it'll be available.


Furthermore, please note that if you're booking to hire a cargobike, you don't need to pay a separate £20 appointment fee. Just go ahead and book your hire by paying the hire fee, and if you need to try out a couple of different ones when you come to pick it up, that's fine (in fact encouraged, so that you get what suits you best), subject to availability.


Why are we trialling this change?

As cargobikes have gained more popularity, we're getting busier, and we have to focus our resources on customers who are serious about potentially buying a cargobike from us. The vast majority of our interactions with customers result in a hire of some kind, and often a purchase, so this is unlikely to have any effect on most of our customers. 

We're still happy to help people at the start of their cargobike journey by offering a free appointment for trying out just one, limited to 30 minutes.

We would still ask that if you know you have zero intention of buying or hiring from us, please be kind enough not to book a free appointment! Thank you <3


Is it a trial?

Yes - if it really doesn't work for our customers or for us, we'll revert back to our previous way of doing things!


Any questions? Please contact us!

Dad with twins in a Nihola Family cargobike