Tuesday 28 April Covid-19 update!

We're still operating, and we're pretty busy! However we're running things like this:

Hire or Buy a cargobike

1) Drop us an email, text, or phone call to introduce yourself. 

2) We can have the phone chat then, or you can schedule a phone call, Skype or Whatsapp with you to find out your needs so that we can advise on the best models likely for you. The kind of info we'll want to find out is:

  • the age of your kids/what kind of freight you want to carry,
  • what storage space you have for the potential cargobike,
  • what your cycling experience is,
  • what kind of trips you'll be doing - length, hilliness, etc
  • your budget,
  • do you have any brands or models in mind yet, including e-assist?

We'll let you know what's available and advise the most suitable models likely to fit your needs, and answer any Qs you have. 

You can stick at this point if you like, no obligation to go further;

3) Then minimum one-week hire of a cargobike so you can start trying it out. at £100/week plus £200 security deposit (or if you want to buy straight away we can send you quotes);

4) Preferring 2-weeks hire at a time to reduce contact for social distancing purposes, but one week is fine, and can be immediately followed by another hire of another model, repeated a few times until you know what you want and can place an order or buy one of our demo models, if you like.

  • Often we can deliver to you for free / low cost depending on where you are.
  • We can take your hire + deposit fees off the purchase price - of any of our bikes/trikes. But not unlimited! (Normally capping it at about £500 right now, you should know by then which one you want to go for!).

Drop us an email or text or call us in order to get started! 


Community Projects

We've got going with our Mobile Library of Family Cycing kit (part of the Hackney Family Cycling Library) by lending out complete adult bikes with child seats already attached. We are also delivering to your home. So we are going truly mobile! This is all to reduce contacts and be able to adhere to social distancing.

Priority areas:

  • Hackney
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Waltham Forest
  • Haringey

These are the boroughs we would have been working in if our Mobile Library sessions were going ahead.

Priority participants are parents and carers who are:

  • key workers
  • essential workers
  • and/or on low incomes

Contact us to request a bike with child seat(s) to use for 2-3 weeks for FREE, only requiring a security deposit (£50). They will come with a lock.

Our Mums & Babes By Bike project is also about to start, in a very different way. We've had the delivery of the refurbished ladies' bikes, and we're in the process of fitting the child seats, baskets, pannier racks and double prop-stands to make them truly Mum-friendly. Each bike will also come with a lock and we hope to supply lights too.

The priority concerns for participants in this project are:

  • for you to be a Mum of young child(ren),
  • your kid(s) to be able to use the child seats - 9kg-22kg (9 months - 6 years max, approx),
  • you are very close to our premises at E5 0PU, preferably within walking distance,
  • your are on a low income,
  • you are able to ride a bike, have some skill already, but you don't already have your own bike,
  • you can commit to taking part and will give back the bike & equipment if you don't use it frequently by November this year

What we'll be offering will be different: no group activities for the time being, only one-to-one contact and of course adhering to the social distancing rules. We'll be offering online tutoring on top tips and hopefully some one-to-one cycle training once that becomes appropriate.

You'll need to pay a £50 fee to help cover a small part of our equipment costs and to commit to take part (you can pay in £10 increments if your low income only allows this).

Contact us to apply to take part! 

Tern GSD in freight set-up as used by Streets Kitchen charity
Mobile Library - Flavia & family borrowing a bike + child seat
Mobile Library - example of bike available with 2x child seats
Mobile Library - example of bike available with 2x child seats (potentially 3)