We now stock Babboe bikes!

Exciting news! CarryMe Bikes CIC now stocks Babboe cargobikes, the Dutch entry-level, cute-looking, popular boxbikes. 

You can hire one to try it out, or just book a test ride a few times round the block: we have TWO demo models you can try:

1) the Babboe City, 'Mountain' e-assist version, with Yamaha mid-drive motor and Nuvinci continuous gear system. Mid-drive electric-assist motors sense the pressure you put on the pedals, and the gear system doesn't have 'clicks' - both making a smooth riding experience;

2) the Babboe Big trike - courtesy of our friends at the London Cycling Campaign! We and Hackney Cycling Campaign are looking after it for them, in return for being able to use it as a demo bike, and use it in the Hackney Family Cycling Library

Questions? Contact us to book a try-out of Babboe or any of the other brands we stock at our east London premises.


Babboe City Mountain E-cargobike
Babboe Big Trike
Babboe Big Trike with raintent on