The Yuba hits the sales!

Yes, Richard and I found ourselves at the John Lewis sales by mistake. Our ironing board had mysteriously collapsed into pieces, and, feeling the need for some laundry purchases and a new printer, we ended up at the John Lewis Oxford Street collection point scratching our heads as we tried to convince ourselves that our trusty Yuba Mundo would definitely, yes definitely take the whole load.... somehow.

As you can see, this was a clear success. (You’ll note that the new ironing board is ‘Cycling Superhighway’ blue. This is Cycle Superhighway 3 on Cable Street, E1.) Whether Richard’s thighs would manage to pedal it all back was the next question. And indeed they managed fine, the lovely Yuba being such a dream to drive. We’re wondering whether the new John Lewis store due to open in Stratford in September will be a quicker ride away.

Fortuitously, we then found ourselves meeting up with our friends at the Tower Hamlets Wheelers in Wapping. They had spent the day servicing bust up bikes on the Leukaemia Research sponsored ride in London that day. Many fixed punctures later they were just putting their feet up for some well-deserved drinks under their fabulous heat-repelling marquee when we turned up. Good timing, we thought.

After a nice relaxing time and some admiring looks of our ladened Yuba, the Wheelers packed up all their encampment of stuff right down into a fleet of bike-pulled cargo. Turned out to be a great opportunity to show off the ability of cargo bikes, trikes and trailers to the crowds still enjoying the evening sun by the Thames.